Centre for Urban Transportation Studies ESUT Admission

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The Centre for Urban Transportation Studies is an idea whose time has come. Indeed a centre such as this should long have been part of the nation’s educational priorities since the drift to the nation’s big urban centres began in earnest in the late 1970s and 80s and gradually grew to become a worrisome phenomenon for development planners.

As matters stand today, institute which may be regarded as efforts to remedy or at least ameliorate the situation are clearly not yet equipped to meet the nation’s urgent needs in this area. (National Integrated Master Plan; 2014) The gap created by this state of affairs and its consequences are evident; first in the glaring lack of knowledgeable professionals in urban transportation and second in the incalculable social and economic dislocations experienced in our major urban centres such as Lagos, Ibadan Kano Abuja, Enugu etc

CUTS ESUT Centre is proposed to fill that gap in the quickest and most effective manner. CUTS is the brain child of CHRIS CUTS CONSULTS (CCC) LTD, is a subsidiary of GUNTER RETZLER INTERNATIONAL (GRI) NIG. LTD, a company with a German base, and affiliated with many professional transportation institutions and organisations in Europe and the USA.

The company, CHRIS CUT CONSULTS (CCC) will drive the implementation of CUTS programmes through its Nigerian representative, Engr. Christopher N. Chigboh P.E., a former Secretary and a Director of Transportation in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and a pioneer in the development of the FCT WORKING with a carefully selected team of qualified and experienced professionals as Board of Directors and Associates. CUTS programmes will offer post graduate masters degrees and diploma courses, post graduate certificates and several other unique professional courses. CUTS will also offer mutually beneficial partnerships with governments, public and private institutions, (national and international) as well as consultancy and advisory services in simultaneously running and comprehensive programmes to meet the country’s identified needs as fully as possible in the near, medium and long term . Furthermore, CUTS offers continuing education and professional development activities to keep urban transportation professionals on the cutting edge of the industry. Welcome to CUTS !!

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