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AGRICULTURE, THE BED-ROCK OF ENUGU STATE DEVELOPMENT Agriculture is an indispensable industry in Enugu State of Nigeria, as is the case in most progressive areas of the world. Efficient agricultural methods must be developed and harmonized with current practice to pave the way for an export–oriented agricultural enterprises that generates revenue for the state while ensuring that good food is made available for its teeming population. With food produced abundantly at minimal cost, people of all economic standings can afford to have the opportunity to feed well, a condition related to health and productivity. Furthermore, the general increase in the standard of living of Nigerians has greatly raised the demand for a variety of health compatible food and feed for man and farm animals. It is the realization of these facts that makes it exigent to scientifically intensify and improve animals and crop production methods. Faculty Proggramme The Faculty of Agriculture of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology has the solutions to Agricultural ambitions of the Enugu State and Nigeria as its primary aim. The Faculty of Agriculture is a conglomerate of Departments with common fundamental and applied science needs on which individual specialist training are later cemented to produce candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Agriculture (B. Agric.) in Agricultural Economics and Extension, Animal/Fisheries Science Management and Agronomy and Ecological Management.