Under the Professor Cyprian Onyeji management, there is obvious assurance of a new vision to return this first University of Technology in Nigeria to its past glory and excellence. To achieve these, the Vice Chancellor has mapped out a six point vision and has started its immediate implementation to win the heart of stake-holders including the staff, students, government and the entire academic community.

These six point vision include:

Pursuit of Academic excellence and Community service.
Provision of quality leadership.
Development and maintenance of infrastructure and support service.
Generation of funds for the University.
Staff development and welfare.
Students’ welfare and discipline

According to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Onyeji, "these programs are designed to serve as a guide to tapping the strengths, improving on the achievements and redressing the deficiencies of ESUT".

In line with the above, he has reverted the University administration to the widely practiced COMMITTEE SYSTEM which makes administration better and largely participatory. So many committees have been set up to address certain knotty issues that would make the communication flow and administration easier.

The implication of these is that powers which have hitherto revolved around few hands have now been decentralized giving room for more functional ideas and better results.

Also cognizance of the fact that teaching and learning currently are ICT driven, the Vice-Chancellor has emphasized management’s resolve to ensure that ESUT ICT Centre is put into maximum utility and has appointed a new Coordinator in the person of Engr. Ozioko Frank Ekene to ensure fruitful results in the areas of E-Learning, Virtual –Library and the likes.

The Vice-Chancellor has so far lived up to his promises of ensuring quality leadership anchored on transparency, accountability, discipline and dedication to duties.

Last modified on Nov. 19, 2018, 8:35 a.m.