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Pre-Science Programme

The Pre-degree programme started as Pre-Science programme in the early years of ESUT when it was perennially impossible for most of the science-based departments to get enough qualified students into their degree programmes. Fortunately today, most programmes are adequately subscribed; hence, the relevance of pre-science programme has been eroded. It has therefore become necessary to replace the Pre-science with another programme which has a different overall objective. This programme, called Pre-degree programme, is an upgraded one-year intensive programme which has been carefully designed to enhance the quality of some of our admitted students. Thus, the Pre-degree Programme of ESUT complements our JAMB intake with quality students. This Programme is intended to service all the departments in the university.

Another compelling reason for a conversion from Pre-science to Pre-degree programme is that statistics from other universities show that most students admitted into the university through the intensive one year programme out-performed those that came in through JAMB. Also, since the redesigned curriculum in Pre-degree incorporates both the SSCE and JAMB syllabi, even those admitted based on awaiting result but who did not make their papers are groomed to retake the O’Level exam while still in the Pre-degree programme, and at the same time they are all being trained and prepared to excel in JAMB exam.

The National Universities Commission demands that students undergoing remedial courses such as the Pre-degree programme must pass JAMB exam to the level of the minimum cut off point for that year. This JAMB stipulation has catalyzed the redesigning of the Pre-science calendar in order to optimize the relevance and service delivery of the Pre-degree Programme. For example, JAMB exam is taken about 2 months into the nine (9) month Pre-science Programme, in Pre-degree Programme, JAMB exam will be taken about one month to the end of the Pre-degree programme. This will help keep the students focused throughout the programme who otherwise would start playing truancy as soon as JAMB exams are over.

There are two options in the programme – Science and Arts and subjects taught under each option are shown below.

SCIENCE                                                                  ARTS

Mathematics                                                            Mathematics

English Language                                                    English Language

Biology                                                                      Literature in English

Chemistry                                                                 Economics

Physics                                                                      Government

Geography                                                               Geography